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Health & Wellbeing

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Our passion and attention to detail is what drives your progression

How health & wellbeing works


Some individuals require more intensive rehabilitation to be implemented consistently on a weekly basis’s whilst others are looking for a bit of fun in the form of a workout every once in a while.

Our objective is to provide a comprehensive initial assessment so that we can then tailor training and/or nutrition programs to the individuals needs to then strive for progression. We do this by having an initial conversation, organising an initial consult whereby we ask a variety of health-related questions and complete a pre-exercise screening test all prior to starting services.


The foundation of this department has been created from our youthful and vibrant staff who have various areas of speciality, all to which have come together to provide multiple high-quality services. We assign the very best physiologists, trainers, nutritionists and educators who create an individual program tailored to your personal situation.

We can do this because we focus on building a strong rapport with our participants, as this is on the forefront of our attention. We aim not to be too clinical in nature, but instead, bringing a more relaxed and friendly vibe to the table.

our health & wellbeing services


Exercise Physiology

We assess, provide rehab and support all medical conditions, liaising with other health professionals such as a General Practitioner, Physio or OT to assist in reaching your full potential and improving functional movement.

Therapy Assistance

We implement and deliver an existing or pre-established tailored program in a safe and effective manner.

Personal Training

We look at your main focuses and goals and create a gym program tailored to you.


Tailored programs based on your dietary requirements designed for easy long-term adherence.

Sports Coaching

We will turn you into the next Cristiano Ronaldo, Dustin Martin or Bruce Lee.

Group Programs

Get active and social in tailored programs designed to work on overall strength and fitness.

All the above can be provided upon request

Exercise Physiology Melbourne

Exercise physiologists in liaison with Personalised Supports are experts who have graduated from some of the reputed schools in Melbourne and across the globe. While they understand the positive effects exercise can have on a healthy person, their expertise also allows them to understand how various exercises interface with pathology and might pose a health risk to certain people.

We thoroughly screen people who might need a different type of exercise than other people depending upon their medical history and current state of health. The screening includes assessing the current level of fitness of the respective persons, where we evaluate both their cardiovascular fitness and musculoskeletal fitness. Together, we work towards figuring out the best plan to get them to their goals, ranging from qualifying for a marathon to just walking across a block without gasping for breath. 

Above all, we focus on curating these plans and creating an environment that people will enjoy doing and love to come to. We give individual care and provide solutions that could resonate with that person. Our goals extend to achieving a situation where our care receivers will no longer need an exercise physiologist. Personalised Supports manages dozens of exercise physiologists across Melbourne, providing the best in class care and support with an excellent patient recovery track record.