Group Fitness Training Programs

Our group programs are based on your interests and hobbies and can be adapted to all abilities. We offer a variety of session types within our different programs; some are quite structured, and others are more flexible to ensure they can be adapted to different needs. Our programs also focus on social dynamics to ensure you get the best experience and can build strong connections with your peers. See more about the types of programs we offer below, all of which are run from our awesome Hub Space.


Music In Me is Melbourne’s first modified music program, specifically developed to teach music to a community of musicians with a disability. Our scaffolding workshops provide an inclusive platform for all our musicians to build their capacity in a range of areas, such as communication, self-expression, team building, social skills, motor skills and musical abilities.

"I love playing desk bells, boomwhackers and drums to all the cool songs, Joke time and singing my favourite songs to all my friends"
- Alexander G


"This class is all about the art room being a creative space for artists to be embraced for their creative freedom and self-expression. We encourage students to try new materials, learn about artists, art theory and history as well as try lots of new techniques. Through a variety of activities each class we will challenge all abilities with these in mind. We aim to support artists to further their creative goals, develop their skills and most importantly gain creative independence. Overall, the art room becomes a social place for artists to create together, work at their own pace, make friends and of course have lots of fun!"

"It's amazing! I love the creativity of the classes and the art room allows my imagination to run wild. I like that we do different things each week!"
- Pete S


My Stage is a bespoke performing arts program which is structured but flexible enough to adapt and work within the needs and capabilities of the individual and group. We support artists to achieve their goals in a safe and stimulating learning environment. Build upon essential everyday skills and learn and explore exciting acting, drama and story telling activities. There will be fun and laughs! So, let's activate your creativity!

“MY Stage is wonderful because we learn so many different things. The facilitators are very helpful and make us laugh!”
- Flora M


This class is all about go, go, go; if you want your energy out you have come to the right place. An intensive circuit filled with boxing, strength and conditioning and fitness coupled with fun, laughs and entertainment. This program has been designed to improve on areas such as spatial awareness, fine motor control, balance, strength, mobility and more.

“Doing these programs now makes me feel like a free man”
– David B