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Reasons Why Autistic People Sport Headphones

Reports suggest that at least 1 in 44 children suffers from autism spectrum disorder. While the number might surprise anyone, the reality is – that autism is quite more common than you thought it was. It should be learned that autism comes with different types of nuances that tend to vary from one person to […]

Why Are Disability Support Services So Important In Present Time?

You will come across many individuals who are mentally or physically disabled. These are individuals who need support services. This is important so these individuals can live their normal life. if proper support is not offered, then these individuals feel unsecured and helpless. Present time, people have access to all types of technology. All types […]

7 Common Qualities to Look For When Choosing a Support Worker

As a disability support worker, one plays a unique role in someone’s life. Whether you are searching for a home care assistant for your loved one or you are a support coordinator who is searching for a client, finding the right person as a disability support worker can be hard as they need to match […]