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7 Common Qualities to Look For When Choosing a Support Worker

As a disability support worker, one plays a unique role in someone’s life. Whether you are searching for a home care assistant for your loved one or you are a support coordinator who is searching for a client, finding the right person as a disability support worker can be hard as they need to match with the person who is in need. Here are some qualities explained for you to understand what to expect from a disability support worker.

If you find the below qualities in your loved one, then be sure you have found an ideal supporter


Reliability is the most basic yet important aspect you should look for in a supporter. If a person is reliable and sticks to his/her words, you can be sure that that person is dependable and will be consistent in their work. A support worker is a crucial part for your loved one, who needs them, hence you would want a reliable person to be with your loved one. If you are looking for disability support services in Melbourne make sure that they are reliable. 


Patience is a crucial requirement in a supporter. The support worker you have hired should understand they are supporting the people who aren’t able to do work as we do. So they are required to have patience and be polite to the person who needs them. The primary focus of a supporter should be the well-being of their client and keep them in the center always. Their focus should also be on problem-solving and being calm in every situation. 


When you are looking for a career for your loved one or yourself, look for someone who has a supportive and positive attitude towards you and helps you to reach your goals by encouraging you consistently. Support workers should always be willing to share their skills which would help the individual to remain engaged and move forward in life. 


Respect is another basic requirement for everyone in this world. So, finding someone who respects you and your culture is important. Along with this, your support worker should also empathize with your pain and struggle. They are expected to respect you as an equal and work on your individual choices. 

Different care for a different person

Each person is different, so the person with a disability also has a different requirement. Not every person has the same disability so a support worker must not think that every person with a disability is unable to do anything. Every person having a disability needs to be taken care of in their way. Like your requirements shall not necessarily match with others. 

They know the technique

The support worker you are considering is required to know when you or your loved one needs their support and when they should let you do your work. They should ask about the help they should offer you before assuming that you can’t do anything, nor should they assume that you can do everything.


Good communication skills are also required in a supporter. Lack of interaction will lead to miscommunication and as a result, they won’t be able to learn about your requirements. By interacting daily they will be able to understand you or the person who needs them. 


While considering someone as a supporter, don’t hurry or don’t compromise as the person is completely responsible for those who need them. 


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